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Adobe After Effects

It has become fairly common for people to add video to their websites. The problem has been that most of that video is very low quality. This has been because most people don't have the kind of professional editing tools that they need to make good videos. With Adobe After Effects this is no longer a problem as high quality videos can be made with little problem.

Adobe After Effects is intended primarily to add visual effects to a video. This can be done in a few different ways. The most straight forward is to add animation to your video. You can use After Effects to create your whole video if you want but most people take a video that they have shot someplace else and use After Effects to insert graphics or animation right into the video. This is normally done in post production which is where you will get the most use out of Adobe After Effects in your video making efforts.

The other common use of Adobe After Effects is for compositing. This is where you take several different videos and combine them to make one video. This allows for a great deal of creativity for the experienced film maker. You can create videos that show things that would appear to be impossible by shooting them separately and then combining them together to get one video. Adobe After Effects has opened up whole new worlds to film makers since you can now do professional editing on a very small budget. This has dramatically improved the quality of the videos that are appearing on the web.

The main use of Adobe After Effects for a web designer is to add videos to sites. Most people would rather watch a video than read a page full of text. Recognizing this many web designers have started to incorporate video into sites. Not only does this make your site more enjoyable for your visitor it also helps you to get your message across. Most people will just skim through the text on your site. Adding a video makes this impossible since they will need to watch the whole thing to get the information they are looking for. Of course success with adding video to a website will depend on them being high quality. With Adobe After Effects this is certainly possible.

The other main reason that you want to use Adobe After Effects to make videos for your website is for advertising purposes. The vast majority of advertising that appears on the internet is simply ignored. You need to find a way to get your ads across so that people will watch them. This can be a real challenge but in most cases video seems to work well. If you are going to use video for your advertising you need to make sure that you video is high quality and that it provides something useful. Otherwise nobody is going to watch it.