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CSS has become one of the most valuable tools that a web designer has, mainly because it allows him to change the appearance of his site without a lot of effort. If it weren't for CSS in order to change the appearance of a site you would have to rewrite the entire code. Not something many people want to do.

CSS or cascading style sheets is a programming language that can be used to alter the appearance of a webpage. This has made it much easier for web designers to change the way that a website looks. Prior to the introduction of CSS all of a websites content and the structure of the site were coded using the HTML. This made it fairly simple to initially build the website but it created a problem if you wanted to change the way your site looked. The only way that you could do it was to go in and completely rewrite the entire HTML code of every page on your site. While this may have been reasonable on a small site with just a few pages if you had a site with hundreds of pages of content you had a major problem. You would have to rewrite the code on every single page.

This problem was largely solved with the introduction of CSS. This allows you to code the content of your site with HTML but code the structure with CSS. That way if you want to change the appearance of your site you only need to change the code in one place. This makes the task much simpler and allows for regular changes in the appearance of a website. It also allows you to change the appearance of your site without having to take it off line to change the code. You can simple create a new style sheet and upload it when you are ready and your site will have its new appearance.

There are lots of reasons that you might want to change the appearance of your site so being able to is a huge advantage. Internet marketers are well aware that making just a small change to their site can dramatically increase the number of sales that they make. This is why they are always tinkering with their site layout to see what works best. If they didn't have CSS this would be nearly impossible since they would have to change the code on every page if they wanted to change appearance. You may find that by changing the navigation bar on your site from one side of the page to the other will increase the length of time visitors spend on your site. This in turn is likely to lead to an increase in sales. Of course if you didn't have an easy way to move your navigation bar around you would never know this. CSS is what makes it possible to experiment with your site.