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JQuery is a Javascript library that is designed to speed up the process of writing code for website. Over the years Javascript has proven to be one of the most popular and useful of all the coding languages on the internet. It can be used to add all kinds of interactive features to your website. It can also be used to build dynamic sites. This greatly enhances the capabilities of the web designer since he can add elements to a site that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Javascript also offers the advantage of being able to add all of these elements straight to an HTML document. This makes it very easy to come back and these elements after the fact.

The downside of Javascript is that it is somewhat of a bulky language that takes a fair amount of code in order to accomplish your task. It also didn't take people long to come to the realization that they were largely typing the same code over and over again since most of the applications are the same. This is where Javascript libraries started to come onto the scene. This would be a collection of applications for which the code was prewritten. All the programmer had to do was go out and find the application that he wanted to use and then by altering just a few lines of the code he could adapt it for his needs. By far the most widely used Javascript library is JQuery. They have the code for millions of applications available so that you can find almost anything that you could possibly want.

The big advantage of using JQuery when you are coding your website is the time that you save. Without it you would have to write the whole code for every site each time you wanted to add an application. This would take an enormous amount of time. By having most of the work done for you the time savings are huge. The other advantage that JQuery offers is that it greatly reduces the number of mistakes that get made in the process of coding. The more you have to type yourself when you are writing code the more chance there is for errors to occur. Having a library of code that is already written and that you know is error free will save you a lot of errors and make it easy to find the ones that you do make.

JQuery also makes it much easier to learn how to add new applications to your site. Rather than having to learn how to write the whole code when you want to add something new to your site you just have to learn how to adapt the existing code. This makes it much easier to learn. It also greatly expands the capabilities of the programmer since he can code a site without really having to know how to write the code in Javascript.