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In large part XHTML has replaced HTML as the main language for coding websites. It was created to solve some of the problems that existed with sites that had been coded with HTML. In this it was very successful, so much so that it has largely become the standard programming language for websites. The reason is that it allows designers to create pages that will look the way they are supposed to on all web browsers.

The reason that XHTML was created was to solve a problem that web designers had with HTML. The problem was that in most cases your site would only appear the way that you wanted it to appear in some browsers. Websites would be created and the designer would make sure that they worked properly in their browser but in most cases the site wouldn't look right in other browsers. The problem was that the rules for coding with HTML were so lax that when they were coding their sites most web designers would end up with sites that were coded in a way that certain web browsers couldn't understand parts of the code. With all of the different web browsers out there this presented a problem since it seriously limited the number of people who could visit your site, or at least see it in the way it was supposed to appear.

XHTML helped to solve this problem by introducing a coding language that was similar to HTML but which had much stricter rules. That meant that when they were coding their sites the web designers had to be much more careful. It also meant that things became more standardized so that you could create a website that would look the way it was supposed to on all web browsers. This was a huge step forward for the internet since it allowed companies to create much more complex websites secure in the knowledge that all of their visitors would see what they were supposed to.

The massive growth of things like smart phones and PDA's and all the other ways that people now access the internet has made XHTML even more important than before. There are now so many different browser options available that it would be nearly impossible to create a website that could be viewed on all of these different devices if you had to code them with HTML. Without the ability to create sites that could be viewed on all of these devices it is unlikely that they ever would have become so popular. As it is XHTML has pretty much become the standard coding language since it is the only way that you can be sure that your site is going to work. Fortunately learning XHTML is fairly straightforward for anybody who knows how to create a site with HTML. It is basically the same language; the rules are just more strict requiring that you pay more attention to what you are doing.